Europejskie Ugrupowanie Współpracy Terytorialnej
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The 11th edition of the OPEN DAYS - European week of regions and cities

The 11th edition of the OPEN DAYS - European week of regions and cities took place during 7 and 10 October in Brussels.

The seminar of the EGTC Platform of the CoR took place on 9 October, chaired by the political coordinator, Mr Herwig Van Staa (AT/EPP). This seminar intended to explore the implications and possibilities of the EGTCs related to the Single Market, looking forward to 2020. The EGTCs brought to the agenda elements like public procurement, cross-border employment, services of general interest, financial markets, administrative services and many other aspects, contributing to create a better environment for business, workers and students.The workshop was followed by a networking event organized jointly with the Conference of European Cross-border and Interregional City Networks - CECICN.
There were other workshops dealing with the EGTC, like New territorial features (ITI, JAP, CLLD) and European grouping of territorial cooperation in European territorial cooperation programmes and EGTC: Approaching smart solutions?
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